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Golden King is a unique, deep penetrating, treasure and cache detector and it is equipped with features offered by no other detectors. These features allow users to easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach, in any kind of environment.
Thanks to its 3 different search coils and deep penetration, Golden King detects deeply buried metals as well as caches and voids such as caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters, and graves. Additionally, thanks to its superior technology, not only it draws the 3D graph of the target it detects but it also gives the discrimination and the estimated depth reading to its user.

GOLDEN KING Technical Specifications
Operating Principle   :   VLF Induction Balance
Operating Frequency   :   17.5 KHz.
Microprocessor   :   216 MHz, 32-bit core + 16-bit co-processor
Noise Cancellation   :   Manual Reset
Discrimination   :   Ferrous, Alloy, Steel, Non-Ferrous, Gold
Target Identification   :   Target Identification : Audio and 3D image
Sensitivity Setting   :   Manual
Ground Balance   :   Automatic and Manual
Search Coils   :   36x44cm, 24x32cm, 60x100cm (DPR PLUS) Double-D
Battery   :   Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Display   :   7'' WVGA color TFT display
Headphone Output   :   1/4'' stereo
Video Camera (DPR PLUS)   :   Night vision, waterproof, land & underwater video camera with 30m.cable
Gas Sensor (DPR PLUS)   :   Methane sensitive gas sensor
Length   :   90 - 120cm (35 - 49'') extendable
System Box Weight   :   2.5kg (5.5 lbs) (including the battery) - hang around the neck
Search Handle & Coil Weight   :   2.3kg (5.0 lbs)
Warranty   :   2 years (system box)