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Minelab Sovereign GT
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Product   Sovereign GT
Application   Coin, Relic, Jewellery, Beach & Gold Prospecting
Technology   BBS
Frequency/Transmission   Multiple frequencies: 1.5, 3, 14.5,...25.5kHz
Coil (standard)   10" Double-D Tornado slimline, waterproof.
Audio Output   Internal speaker & 6.35mm (1/4") headphone jack.
Headphones Supplied   Optional accessory.
Visual Display   -
Backlight   -
USB Connectivity   -
Memory   Remembers last Ground Balance setting.
Depth Indication   Signal strength in Pin-Point.
Detect Modes   Discriminate with Iron Mask On or Off & Silent Search Discriminate. All Metal: Track, Fixed & Pinpoint.
Discrimination   Variable Discrimination with variable notch segment & All Metal.
Timings   -
Audio tone   -
Audio Type   -
Ground Balance   ACCU-TRAK Automatic Ground Balance with selectable Fixed & Automatic Tracking options.
Ground Balance Type   -
Trash Density   -
Pinpoint   Selectable Pinpoint mode.
Sensitivity Adjust   Automatic or manual (adjustable turn control).
Tune / Noise Cancel   2-Frequency band switch.
Threshold   Adjustable turn control plus Silent Search & Threshold switch.
Target Volume Adjust   Adjustable turn control.
Battery   Alkaline battery pack supplied. NiMH battery pack available as accessory.
Low battery alert   Audio alert.
Length   965mm - 1400mm (38" - 55").
Weight   2kg (4.4lbs) (ex. battery).
Warranty   3 years control box & coil.