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Wave II metaldetektor
[Slika: iqih5l.jpg]


Technical data:

Center the object
Operating frequency - 10KHz
Discrimination at work
Automatic ground balance
Manual ground balance
Control low battery - LED
25cm, 28cm, 32cm or 38cm DD antenna
Accumulator batery - 12V / 1000 mA.

Settings and work with device

Switch "All metal-Auto." on / off for automatic discriminator;
Potentiometer "TUNE" is used to define the required warning threshold (sensitivity of the device);
Potentiometer "DISKR." serve as a rejection of iron subjects;
Potentiometer "GROUND" serves to eliminate the influence of the earth (ground effects);
Potentiometer "VOLUME" serves to include handset and volume control;
Light indicator "LOW BATT" for low voltage battery;
Jacques "PHONES" thereto included headphones, if necessary.

Before starting work the batteries must be chargе.This happen with the charger, the system proposed in the set. Charge lasts from 12 to 16 hours. With one charge of battery, the device can work up to 45 hours. Starting device with potentiometer "VOLUME" as it is regulated and the strength of voice. Potentiometer "TUNE" is placed so that the device vibratory sound issue slightly or not to hear. Commuter leverage must be in the "All metal" as the search head moves vertically from the ground (up, down) and potentiometer "GROUND" spins In one extreme position is sound when approaching increases head to the ground and in the other rotates in zoom. Potentiometer to stop changing the volume or change a little. When setting the detector to it must not have metal subject. leverage switch is placed in situations "Auto". Potentiometer "DISK" is placed in position 5 if you want to discriminate better, you can enlarge, but you need account that I can miss something that is valuable better dig and look for suspicious signal. Division place through sound discriminator in the position "Auto" to detect ferrous metal rich tone is heard, where black metal is heard pop or disruptive signal. Exact determining the location of found objects takes place through the movement of searching chapter two perpendicular axes.

According to the client device can be made to work in two frequency bands - 8 kHz and 12 kHz, making it more expensive an additional 30 BGN.

Price of devices:

350 BGN with 25 cm. searching head
350 BGN with 28 cm. searching head
370 BGN with 32 cm. searching head
420 BGN with 38 cm. searching head
dali neko koristi ovaj detektor?
Ja sam ga koristio ali ja sam pocetnik Big Grin tako da ne mogu da procenim.Nalazio sam njime rane stvari ali za sada jos nista vredno.
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